10MILA-korten is a new, individual medium-distance competition that takes place on the same arena as 10MILA. The courses follow the same area as 10MILA, and there is also a chance to run certain legs from the Youth, Women’s and 10MILA relays. Take the opportunity to test your skills against elite runners or your fellow club members.

Competition classes

Women’s classes Men’s classes Open fitness classes
D10 D21 H10 H21 ÖM1
D12 D35 H12 H35 ÖM3
D12K D40 H12K H40 ÖM5
D14 D45 H14 H45 ÖM7
D14K D50 H14K H50 ÖM8
D16 D55 H16 H55 ÖM10 = leg 1 in Youth Relay
D16K D60 H16K H60 ÖM11 = leg 5 in Women’s Relay
D18 D65 H18 H65 ÖM12 = leg 7 in 10MILA Relay
D20 D70 H20 H70 ÖM13 = ”långa natten” (the long night) in 10MILA Relay
D75 H75 ÖM14 = ÖM10, with mass start*
D80 H80 ÖM15 = ÖM11, with mass start*
D85 H85 ÖM16 = ÖM12, with mass start*
Development classes: U3-U4 ÖM17 = ÖM13, with mass start*










* Pre-entry required

First start 11.30 a.m., Sunday May 5.
Random start for HD 18-21.
”Free interval start” for others, 11.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. (may be extended depending on number of competitors). Max time 3 hours.

Please note:
– Child-minding or Miniknat (children’s competition) are not included in the services on offer.
– No extra fee for parking.

Register for 10MILA-korten

Via Eventor by Sunday 28 April, midnight.
Late entries 50% extra by Wednesday 1 May, midnight.


Youth SEK 60, Adult (17 and over) SEK 110.
Fees are invoiced afterwards. (Cash payment in Open classes for foreign competitors who have not registered in advance and competitors not attached to a club).