10MILA Stockholm May 3–5th 2013


A competition for all under elite conditions

Yes, we did it!

That’s all folks! 10MILA 2013 is at end. The arena at Gällöfsta mansion is returned to Mother Nature. All completion results are available. GPS tracking and many hours of live production can be seen on the Internet.

We have lived up to our own high expectations.
The first stacking step towards this year’s 10MILA was taken in 2008. In August of that year Attunda Orienteering club was given the task to arrange 10MILA 2013. Gällöfsta mansion in municipality of Upplands-Bro was selected as the hub and arena for the event.

Five years of planning and preparation for just one day 10MILA – is it worth it? Yes, absolutely! Having the opportunity to host one of the most classic Swedish sport event is a joy and a task that is both enticing and challenging.

Are we going to do it again? Most probable- e have already started to think about 10MILA 2020!

10MILA 2013 is now officially closed. The organizing committee want to thank all of you runners, coaches, spectators, sponsors, partners and volunteers who made 10MILA 2013 in Stockholm a huge success!

See you all in Småland and Eksjö next year for 10MILA 2014!

Lars Gerhardsson
Secretary General 10MILA 2013

Highlights from 10MILA 2013

10MILA 2013 in Stockholm was a great success!

Thank you for  comming to Gällöfsta. We loved having you here in person or remotely via the web.

Have a safe trip home. We look forward so see you allt at next years 10MILA.



Summary from the tv-production

Three great films from 10MILA 2013.

Live results

Final results 10MILA 2013

GPS tracking from 10MILA 2013

WinSplits online


Lost and found

List of all news


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