My experience of 10MILA 2005 – Linnea Holmqvist

Now it’s my turn to tell you about my experience of 10mila 2005. I had just turned 12 and it was the second time in my life running 10mila. Hagaby, my club, had lots of youth and particulary lots of boys. My club had 5 or 6 teams, of which 2 was a little bit better than the other teams. Unfortunately we lacked two girls for the better teams, which was the reason I could run in the second best team, together with three sixteen year old boys.

It was enough exciting and nervous for me to run in one of our better teams, the coaches didn’t tell me exactly how good the other boys in my team actually was! Andreas who ran the last leg changed over together with the leading group, before our clubs first team did. I didn’t fully understand the situation so I was quite calm, but afterwards I understood that our coaches and my mum had been very nervous.

I think my race went pretty well, I ran as fast as I could on my short second leg, but when I had passed the finish line I was disappointed. Why? Well, during my race the sixteen year old Beata Falk, in my club’s first team, had ran past me. And that was not all, I couldn’t keep up with her! In my eyes that was a catastrophe. I had failed, I thought. They couldn’t stop my tears. Beata came to me and asked if we should do some jogging together, and explained to me that it was normal that I couldn’t keep up with her, she was 4 years older than me. After talking to her, it felt much better.

Back to Hagaby’s results in the relay. Beatas lag came in third place, and my team was the best second club-team in the relay, with an 18th place. Not bad at all!

Hagabys youth runners 2005

Name: Linnea Holmqvist

Club: Hagaby GOIF

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