My experience of 10MILA 2005 – Helena Karlsson

Wow, now it’s my turn to tell my story. It doesn’t feel too got that the latest 10-mila I ran was 2005 in Kungsängen, and I almost don’t remember it. But whatever, I’m going to tell you as much as I can about my second 10-mila.

The year before (2004) I ran my first 10-mila. I ran for Mälarö SOK but we didn’t have a team. Bromma-Vällingby needed a girl for their team, so I ran in a combined team with them. I was twelve years old, I hadn’t competed much in orienteering earlier. Hollbeck family picked me up for the trip down to Kolmården. Never before have I been so quiet in a car. Anyway, it’s actually 2005 I’m going to tell you about.

Just like the year before I was picked up by Hollbeck family. We headed for the competition center, and even though I knew the family better this year, I didn’t say very much. My own family is not orienteers, so I didn’t understand how big 10-mila was. My leg was the second, short and non-forked, for Bromma Vällingby’s team. I guess I was really nervous, and I wasn’t calmed down when Simon on the first leg came in to the change over as number ONE! I wish I remembered my thoughts at that time, but I don’t. The only thing I can remember is that I ran as fast as I ever could. And that the fifth control was so tricky!

I held my position pretty good, and changed over to David Bejmer as number 10, only 11 seconds after the lead. He changed over to Henrik Berg on the last leg. He ran good and finished in ninth place! Ninth place for such a small club as Bromma-Vällinby, it really felt great!

Helena's map


Bromma-Vällingbys team 2005

Name: Helena Karlsson

Club 2005: Bromma Vällingby SOK

Current club: IFK Lidingö SOK

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