Kalevan Rasti’s winning team from 10MILA 1983 challenges the other winning teams

Kalevan Rasti’s winner team from 1983 are participating in 10MILA 2013. The team wants to challenge the other 10MILA winning teams and their former rivals from 30 years back, to do the same.

In Finnish media, the 10MILA winners were Kalevan Rasti was called a ”team of school boys”. The average age of the runners in the team from Tammerfors was under 22.

-With four juniors we were probably 10MILAs youngest winner team, says Urpo Väänänen from Kalevan Rasti. He remembers the competition and the victory which wasn’t really predicted, but which was a struggle between eight teams. One of the team members, Hannu Pulli, was in the lead in the ninth leg, but the victory wasn’t definite until the last leg and the finish lane.

-The terrain was tough. Even though we had run for 14 hours, still four Finnish teams and four Swedish teams were fighting for the victory, says Urpo Väänänen about the final battle. He means the Swedes ran fast, but it was Kalevan Rastis last runner, Mika Ruuhiala, who secured the victory.

Urpo Väänänen is one of the nine runners in the winning team from 1983, who comes to Stockholm in May. Timo Alaphia from the winning team can’t participate because of a leg injury, but he is replaced by Jukka Inkeri who was reserve already in 1983.

-We ran 10MILA 2003 with the same team and celebrated 20 year anniversary. We came in 203rd place then. This year we will follow the competition together with our club and we would like to see our boys fight for the victory again. For us it’s more about accomplishing the relay, says Urpo Väänänen and sends out a wish from the orienteerers from Joensuu:

-Kalevan Rasti challenges all the other 10MILA winning teams to participate in 10MILA in Stockholm 2013! It would be fun to meet all the team friends, rivals and to re-experience the “Long Night”.

The teams and the runners who fought for the victory in 10MILA 1983 was:

From Sweden: OK Orion (Kent Olsson), Hagaby (Hans Melin), Gustavsberg (Anders Nilsson) and IFK Göteborg (Joakim Brinkenberg)

From Finland: Pargas IF (Arto Virtala), Vaajakosken Terä (Kimmo Rauhamäki) and Angelniemi (Ari Paganus)

Kalevan Rasti's winning team 1983


Club: Kalevan Rasti

Name: Urpo Väänänen

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