My experience of 10MILA 1981 – Lars Gerhardsson

After two years as a control guard (1975-1976), a premiere run in Tyresta 1977 and pretty ok races 1978-1980, it was time for 10MILA 1981.

1980-1981 was a long winter. I had ran a lot but sadly not any competitions. I got the fifth leg in Rotebro IS OK’s second team. 10,6 kilometers, no big deal for a first year senior.

My first memory is the not so exciting run along the river down to the second control. Frozen as an ice cream and with stiff legs, the only thing I tried to do was regain my body temperature. I remember the warming up conditions weren’t too good.

I made a miss at control three, and after that followed a race which mostly consisted of me running (or stumbling) on deep and muddy trenches in the snow.

As you see at the map, the race didn’t offer me any great surprises or challenges, it was just to keep running.

Time or results? I don’t know, I couldn’t find any notes at the map.

Any other memories? I think I remember the kiosk was placed just north of the river south of the competition area. As you all know, water and mud is found at the lowest points in the terrain. I remember we jumped on stacked boards to make our way to the kiosk, which was almost covered in mud and water.

My last memory is from the shower home in my apartment in Rotebro, where most of that Sunday afternoon was spent trying to defrost myself.

10MILA 1981 is somewhat a classic. The weather in 1981 is maybe some of the worst ever known in 10MILA history. At the same time, it has been something to learn from; “Are we really going to place the kiosk at the lowest point of the competition area?”

We ask ourselves the same questions when planning 10MILA 2013, “what do we do if the weather is like it was in 1981!?”

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Name: Lars Gerhardsson
Club 1981: Rotebro IS

Current club: Attunda OK

Right now: Secretary General of 10MILA 2013

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