My experience of 10MILA 1981 – Thomas Nyberg

10mila 1981 – Leg 8

After running in my club’s second team 1979 and 1980, I was now required to the first team. It was a great honor, and a little stress too. Our first team was in ninth place 1979, but were disqualified 1980, now it was time for revenge.

I found the first seven controls perfectly. I was the last one in the group of runners on our way to the eight control. I was strenghtend by confidence from the first controls, and I was in good shape. I was just going straight ahead and up that hill, so I intensified my running and took the lead. It felt like flying through the forest and the night.

After a while I noticed that there wasn’t anybody running behind me, I was alone. That mountain hadn’t been seen, so I started worrying where I was. I’d better keep going a little. Maybe the others were going to another control?

I found something looking like a hill, so I started looking for the control. And I looked and I looked. At last I found out that I stood on a hill 500 meters south of the hill where the control was. After saying some well-chosen words, I gathered my thoughts and headed for the right hill and my control. I made a small mistake taking the control, and a small mistake on the penultimate control. Disappointment!

I got myself some kind of revenge the same year but later, on Jukola. I ran as fast as the lead on my leg, in the bad weather. It gave me some strength after the disappointment in 10mila.

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Namn: Thomas Nyberg

Club 1981: Rotebro IS OK

Current club: Attunda Orientering

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