My experience of 10MILA 2005 – Joakim Hederskog

2005 i ran for IFK Göteborgs second team. Out team wasn’t very good. When the leading teams ran the last leg, we could see our eight leg runner on the large TV-screens.

I ran the first leg. I had just finished my military service after 15 months in Strängnäs. I finished it in the beginning of April, it was just a few weeks left to tiomila. My hip hurt and I was in bad shape. If I had the possibility to run the same course again, my time today it would be as good as the best.

I remember the start was on a shooting range and that we followed a striped path. The first control was far away from the start, I didn’t really know where we ran. After maybe half way we came to a small forest road and I knew exactly where I was. It was still light outside when we started, which made it easier to find the “flow” when the darkness slowly came over us. That was nice.

My expectations for the competition weren’t high, it was fun just to be there after my 15 months in Strängnäs. That we came in 113:th place is not good. IFK Göteborgs second team usually finishes better than that.

Tiomila is a fun competition and my club IK Hakarpspojkarna focuses a lot on the relay. My opinion is that it’s just as cool with for example Jukola and other big relays.

Joakims map, click to view a larger version

Joakim Hederskog

Club 2005: IFK Göteborg

Current club: IK Hakarpspojkarna

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