My experience of 10MILA 2005 – Mats Bayard

Here comes my story from 2005. I haven’t got the map but you can find it on Runoway. I remember a perfect race, even though I lost 40 minutes on the lead. I ran my first and probably last long night leg, for Stora Tuna IK’s second team. I think I remember that I was one of the older who helped the teenagers. I wasn’t in good shape and I hadn’t run anything before it was time. I moved as little as I could before start to save my energy. I waited in Jonas Lång’s caravan until it was about 20 minutes left. I went to the start, changed over and started running. I ate energy gel like it was “Vasaloppet” and my calves made it until it was 300 meters to the changeover. I could hardly walk one week after that. I remember considering the fact that I made route choices running a longer way around where the lead had run straight on. I realized that I’m simply just getting more coward and weaker all the time. But it was fun!

The map (you can find it on Runoway)

Name: Mats Bayard

Club: Stora Tuna IK

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