My experience of 10MILA 2005 – Olle Boström

10-MILA 2005 for me is a good orienteering memory. Even though the results were below my team’s expectations, it’s a weekend I remember with a smile on my face.

2005 was the year I turned 15 in November, and I ran the last leg in the youth relay. I remember I was pretty nervous before the competition. 10Mila was an important goal for the youth in my club, because we had actually won the youth relay the year before, and 2005 we had the same runners in the team.

The relay didn’t start very well for us. It didn’t really go bad, but not as good as we wanted to. We lay a few minutes behind the lead all the time. As usual in the youth relay the competition went fast, and soon it was my turn to run. After the changeover I was five minutes behind the leader, and on my way to the first control I saw other runners. Soon we were a big group of runners. I think I remember that we were about fifteen guys from sixth down to twentieth place, and that we ran together almost all the course. When we came to the finish lane and people started sprinting, I was very tired. A few teams passed me and we ended up in eleventh place.

My experience of the terrain was that it was open in the forest and very runnable. The orienteering was very easy orienteering and in fact nothing special. Afterwards I realize we were in a boring part of the forest with cleanings and bogs, where we didn’t really run in the nicer parts of the forest. So I look forward to 2013 and the more challenging parts of the forest.

The night that followed was fun. We following the other relays live and met all our friends. All together 10MILA 2005 was one of the best orienteering memories of that spring.

Name: Olle Boström
Club: Järla Orientering

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