My experiences of 10MILA (1947), 1981 and 2005 – Lars Roos

My experiences of 10MILA on Livgardet’s training grounds in Upplands Bro

I had just moved to Tureberg in 1955, when I got to know about 10MILA 1947 in the public sauna at the old Turebergs IP. Once a week the sauna was invaded by Tureberg’s orienteering runners, and I who was an athletic, just sat there and listened. Many histories were told and like today many of them were about 10MILA. In 10MILA 1947, 67 teams started at the Sten Sture monument in Uppsala. My to-be club mate Malte Larsson won leg 7, the long night, 17.3 kilometers between Håtuna and Bro with a time of 2 hours and 9 minutes. After that the course continued through the forests in Kungsängen, passed the bridge at Stäket to the goal at Helenelunds IP. Tureberg came second, after outstanding winners MatteusPojkarna.

After some years as an athletic hearing all the stories in the sauna, I was inspired to try it myself. In 1958 I was selected to run 10MILA in Tureberg’s team, leg 8 between Stavsvik and Råby-Rönö in Sörmland.

23 years later, 10MILA 1981 at Tranbygget, was very close being cancelled. After some negotiations between the competition management and the police, the competition went on. My memories of running leg 2 for Tureberg’s team are very vague. But I do remember the passage of the wet ditch, all the mud and the cold weather. Our team ended in 174:th place.

When 10MILA 2005 once again took place in Kungsängen, I got the reliance to be a course controller after five years as a course planner between 1990 and 2002. The two later times together with Janne Olsson from Bromma Vällingby who once again was course planner in 2005. Two earlier missions as course planning together resulted in good teamwork in the forest. The fastest ladies relay in the history, with a highlight in the struggle of finding last course’s 10th control, between Domnarvet and Ulricehamn. The Norwegians showed that making your own choice of route can give you advantages. Kristiansand proved this on the long night in the men’s relay, the first year with GPS tracking in 10MILA.

2013 I am responsible for the trademark 10MILA concerning forest, maps and course planning. This year we joyfully have a newly produced map from scanned grounds. The competition will be audience friendly both in the arena and for those who chose to follow the competition at home. The competitors will experience a very nice, fine-cut technically challenging terrain. I look forward to 10MILA in arena Gällöfsta Konferens.

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Name: Lars Roos

Previous club: Turebergs IF

Current club:   Attunda Orientering

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