My first 10MILA, a birthday present – Johan Redtzer

I am now a well-worn, last year M40-man, bald and with a match weight of 84 kilos.
That time, my first 10MILA, with a match weight of 60 kilos, I ran faster than I do now – but with less technique. It was very special representing my team (Rotebro IS), 10MILA in Skeppsta 1983.

When I started running my leg I was still 14 years old, and when I ran passed the finish line in the morning the 8th May, I was 15! What a great birthday present. I ran a 9 kilometer leg in the dawn. Before I, by the terrain and the length was exhausted, I remember ran very fast.

As a very unused relay runner, my strongest memory wasn’t the course, it was more the mental experience: man to man under high stress. I remember that I ran out on a clearing, but I was a bit unsure so I turned around looking for someone to follow. For the first time I saw one of these real “10MILA pearl necklaces” in the forest: more than 30 men are running in my footsteps. Why are all these people following me? Don’t they understand that a kid like me is totally lost? But as I learnt through the years – uncertainty is hard to see on the runner. If someone is running fast, you start following them. It would sure be interesting trying to trick people in the forest by rushing in different directions! When you think about it… I think many people do that already 😉
No matter how you run your course, it is my pleasure as a marketing manager to invite you to 10MILA 2013, which will be great! We have so many news for this year, among them 10MILA Night Trail Run (night running for “ordinary people” among small reflexes), and the competition on Sunday, 10MILA Korten. It will be a great weekend, see you in Gällöfsta 2013!

10MILA-wishes // Johan Redtzer – Attunda Orientering – This spring I’m well prepared to run H45!

Name: Johan Redtzer

Previous club: Rotebro IS OK

Current club: Attunda Orientering

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