TV production soon on youtube

A lot of you have asked us if we can make the webbtv-production available on Internet?  We are happy to answer Yes. We’ve spent tons of energy (and money) to produce this world class broadcast of 10MILA and we will of course make it available after the event. So that you can gather with your club and enjoy the a special 10MILA feeling again.

The whole production, produced in HD-quality. is about 1 TB in size. We are in the process to slice it into smaller chunks and render it in a format that can be uploaded to youtube.  As soon as it’s there, we will announce here on the web and also on our facebook page.



Lost and found

We have found the following things on the area:

  • Cell phones
  • Keys
  • Walking boots, gloves, aorking gloves  (NTNUI’s tent area)
  • Backpack with clothes  (Torridal IL)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Clothes

If you miss any of this, please send an e-mail to


Web-tv is live

You can already follow the events at the 10MILA arena.The webbTV is already live.

– We have started a camera so that you can get a live glimpse from the arena and at the same time check that the technique works with your computer, says Thomas Nyberg one of the persons of 10MILA TV. I recommend that you register right now so that everything is set when the first relay heads out in the forest at Gällöfsta.

The organizers have put a large effort, together with our media partner CLT and main speaker Ola Jodal, to create production that re-creates the atmosphere of 10MILA right into your living room.

Register to 10MILA TV using this  link.

Thomas Nygren waves and welcomes you to see him work via 10MILA TV.

Exclusive preview of Gällöfsta Arena

We are proud to present an exclusive preview of Gällöfsta arena, where we will meet you next weekend. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Web broadcasting, of course

We will of course provide web broadcasting from 10MILA this year. So that all of you out there get a chance to experience the special atmosphere and magic that 10MILA provides.

Our web Radio will be provided in two versions. One with Swedish (with some english comments now and then)  and one with a Finish speaker. The radio service is offered for free.  Links to the web radio will be published at our web site on Saturday May 4th.

New features of the Web TV streaming this year

  • Two flavors of  the TV stream. Same content but with different resolution, enabling you having a bandwith restriction to follow the broadcast. 
  • Payments is done with credit cards, 100 SEK for a three relays
  • You can register and pay in advance. This will allow you to follow the build up of the Arena.

The webTV contains the same production that is shown at the arena.

Links to the webTV will be published on the 10MILA web site about a week before the competition.

Additional space available for the accommodation on hard floor

There has been a large demand on the accommodation alternative hard floor. The accommodation team has done a great job and announced today that they have arranged for more space.

This means that you can apply for this alternative again via Eventor.

Time to register teams and lodging

Only three weeks until 10MILA occurs at Gällöfsta Areana.

Make sure to register your team Sunday April 14th to get the current price. (You can register until May 1st, at a higher cost.)

Please note that April 14th also is the last date to order the rental tents and some extra equipment. Details are found in the invitation.

The “hard floor” alternative is currently sold out. We are trying to find additional areas. If you are interested in this type of logding, please send a mail to  !



New training packages released

Today we release our fourth set of training packages. The new package is setup in Törnskogen, with nice individual day courses which also enables mass start training. For mor information, please refer to our page on training packages.

How to register a team and clubs in Eventor


1) If you club is already registeed in Eventor (which most official orienteeringclubs are) there is no need to register the club again. But, in order to register your team you need to logon with one of your official clubadministrators. A random member does not have privileges to register teams.

2) If you want to register i new club (i.e. a team of friends) you need to follow the following procedure

2.1) Logon to Eventor.

2.2) Go to “My pages” –> “My settings” –> and then “Clubs”.

2.3) Choose country and name of the society/club that suits you.

2.4) Click “Add”.

2.5) Logoff Eventor

2.6) Logon Eventor

2.7) Pick your new Club

2.8) Register your teams to 10MILA


If you still have problems entering your team,  feel free to send your registration by email to,  and we will help out.

Reuse of SI-cards between relays

We have received a number of emails with the same question,  can si-cards be re-used between the  youth, ladies and the 10MILA-relays?  We put the question to Erik Danilels, head of administration and it.

– The answer is no I’m afraid, Erik says. Every participant of the relay teams must have a unique si-card. The rationale is that the three relays are stored in the same databsse, which in turn feeds the resultcomputers used by participants, coaches etc. This is why a si-card only can be used once during the relays, Erik summarizes.

The 10MILA-test, two new training competitions in the beginning of March 2013

The organizer of 10MILA 2013 are happy to announce two training competitions called 10MILA-testet, Friday March 15th and Sunday March 17th.

– We have noticed a great demand for the training packages in preparation for this years 10MILA, says Lars Gerhardsson, general secretary for 10MILA 2013. When a slot became available in the  competition schedule this spring, we took the opportunity to organize two district competitions, one night and one day competitions, Lars continues.

– The idea is to offer a set of courses that are more challenging than normally in order to prepare the participants for 10MILA 2013, says Lars.  An invitation will be published around February 5th.


Same distance for everyone on the last leg of 10MILA

One of the changes at the 10MILA-relay (formerly referred to as the 10MILA Mens relay) is that everyone has the same distance of the last leg, regardless if you participate in the restart or not.

– The change is based on feedback from runners at the previous 10MILA events, says Lars Gerhardsson general secretary of 10MILA 2013. The participants want to run the full distance  and compare their result and route choices on equal terms.



Previous 10MILA experiences from 1947, 1981 or 2005?

Would you like to tell us your story from 10MILA in the Kungsängen area from the years 1947, 1981 or 2005?

We would like to know what you went through. How long was your track? What happened in the forest and on the day of the competition? How did your team do? Vi vill veta vad du upplevde.

Your story will be published here on the 10MILA2013 web site.

Please send an e-mail to if you want to share your experiences. We really look forward to read about your impressions from 10MILA.