PM Accommodation and bus shuttle

This programme includes information regarding accommodation and the shuttle bus service. Information about windbreaks and gazebo tents can be found here.

All accommodation needs to be ordered prior to the event.

Hard-floor accommodation

We use schools and sporthalls in Kungsängen and Bro. A few clubs are staying in “Tillfället” closer to the arena.

Map showing location of schools and sporthalls and the arena

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Hours of Operation
Accommodations are available for admission from 08:00 AM on Saturday. All accommodation must be vacated and cleaned at 12:00 on Sunday.
Accommodation opens at 17:00 on Friday (at Ekhammarhallens Café) for those who booked accommodation from Friday to Saturday.

Note that there is no access to the hall at Bro Football Hall between 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday (a children’s party in progress!). Facilities to store your luggage is available in adjoining dressing rooms.
Light refreshment is available for purchase at Ekhammarhallens Cafe (Norrkoping) and Bro football hall (Bro).

Information and questions
Questions prior to the event are requested to be sent by email to
Questions as of Friday, May 3 are addressed either of the staff at Ekhammarhallens Café (Kungsängen), or at the Competition office at the arena.

Allocation of hard-floor accommodation
The following document contains the breakdown of the hard-floor accommodation

 Shuttle bus service

Shuttle bus service from the accommodation locations running every hour (from 09:50 Saturday until 12:30 Sunday) according to the following schedule:

Bus stop location: Click on this link.

Bro Football Hall  Saturday 09:50, 10:50, 11:50, etc. until 11:50 (Sunday)
Stenkaksvägen, 197 31 BRO

Ekhammarhallen & UBG  Saturday 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, etc. until 12:00 (Sunday)
Skolvägen 20, 196 34 KUNGSÄNGEN

Hagnäs Hall Saturday, 10.05, 11.05, 12.05 etc. until 12:05 (Sunday)
Hagnäsvägen 1-3, 196 37 KUNGSÄNGEN

Tillfället Saturday, 10.10, 10.11, 12.10 etc. until 12:10 (Sunday)
The bus stop on the large road ”Tranbyggevägen”, about 300 m NE of the camp.

From the arena Saturday, 10.30, 11.30, 12.30 etc. until 12:30 (Sunday)
Bus disembarkation at Sunby gård.

Accommodation at the arena

There are a number of different accommodation options at the arena

– Rental Tents
– Military Tent
– Tent Pitch
– Space for caravan / motorhome

Please note that of security reasons it is absolutely forbidden to have open fires at the arena accommodations. There are a number of fire fire extinguishers available at various places. Please take notice of the one closest to your accommodation.

Information and questions
Questions before the event should be directed by email to
Questions as of Friday, May 3 are addressed at the Competition office at the arena.

Overview map of the arena

Rental Tents

Rental tents are located close to the arena.

Hours of Operation
Rental tents are available from Saturday morning until Sunday evening. Clubs that ordered extra night between Friday and Saturday have access to accommodation tents from 14:00 on Friday.

Allocation of the rental tents

LInk to allocation of rental tents . A detailed map that shows the distribution of a area number to tent, will be available upon arrival at the tents. 

Military tents

The military tents are adjacent to the arena.

Hours of Operation
The military tents are available from 14:00 on Friday until Sunday afternoon.
Distribution of military tents is available here.

Camping site

The camping area is located next to the military tents.

Hours of Operation
Tent pitches are available from 14:00 on Friday until Sunday afternoon.

Distribution of tent pitches will be done at arrival.

Space for caravan / motorhome

The camping area for caravans or motorhome is located at Sundby.

Hours of Operation
Available from 14:00 on Friday until Sunday afternoon.

Allocation of the pitches for caravans/ motorhomes will be done at arrival.