PM Competition Programme, 10MILA Relays, May 4-5

For entry-on-the-day courses, 10MILA-korten and Haglöfs’ Night Trail Run, please see separate programmes.
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Updates 2013-05-01

  • New information about backup runners under Team members
  • Information on map adjustments under Map
  • Clearer pictures of the changeover lanes under Runners arriving for changeover


The arena is at Gällöfsta Herrgård in Upplands-Bro municipality.

Leave the E18 motorway at exit 150 (Brunna) between Stockholm and Enköping. (N 59° 29.769’ E 17° 44.658’). Follow directions towards “Livgardet”. After 2,5 km turn left towards “Gällöfsta” (N 59° 30.83’ E 17° 45.609’). After 500 m follow 10MILA directions.

Transports via Håbo-Tibble, South, meaning crossing the military training area is not allowed.

Public Transport
Bus to Sundby, which is on the 557 bus line from Kungsängens station (Pendeltåg/Commuter train). For schedule and trip planning tool, see web
Walking distance from Sundby to the arena about 2 km.

Distances to arena

From car parking:  400 – 1100 m
From tent site:  400 m
From military tents:  600 m
From camping (coaches):  1400 m
From buss drop-off:  1400 m



One bag per club is available for collection at the competition office on Friday 3 May between 16.00 and 21.00 and on Saturday 4 May between 08:00 and21.30. The club bag contains one team envelope per team and rented SI cards. Each team envelope contains race numbers, map tickets and an amendment form.
Please note that the club bags and team envelopes do not contain a competition programme nor safety pins
Teams that have not paid all fees to the organisers must pay these before the club bag can be collected. Payment can be made by card or in cash in Swedish currency at the competition desk.


Team members must be registered on Eventor no later than 21.00 on Thursday 2 May. Note that the number on SI cards should not be stated as this should be done at check-in.

Later changes of team members can only be made at the competition office on the team member change form for a fee of SEK 100 per team and instance. This may take place no later than 3 hours before the start of the respective relay.

Combination teams in accordance with SOFT competition rules are allowed.

Backup runners:
Backup runners may be used in case of sickness or injury and the team plan for already registered runners may then be changed. Changes have to be reported to the competition office as soon as possible and before the leg subjcetd to change.


  • Girls who have taken part in the Youth Relay may participate in the Women’s Relay and the 10MILA Relay.
  • Boys who have taken part in the Youth Relay may participate in the 10MILA Relay.
  • Women who have taken part in the Women’s Relay may participate in the 10MILA Relay.
  • Competitors are not allowed to participate more than once in the same relayEntry-on-the-day courses may be run both before and after participating in the 10MILA.Participants in the 10MILA relays may run 10MILA-korten and the Haglöfs Night Trail Run.

Entry-on-the-Day courses may be entered both before and after participating in 10MILA.

Participants in 10MILA may also participate in 10MILA-korten och Haglöfs Night Trail Run.


Before the competition takes place you can use the relay bank on 10MILA’s Facebook page to advertise for runners or teams. During the competition you can also advertise on a notice board by the competition desk.


Teams’ starting positions for this year’s competition correspond to a team’s position in the 2012 10MILA for the top 100 youth teams and the top 150 women’s and 10MILA teams.


Race numbers must be worn visibly on the chest of all runners. Advertisements may not be folded in or made illegible in any way. Participating teams must provide their own safety pins. Starting without a race number is not permitted


Clothing will be checked at the entrance to the start/changeover areas. Each runner is responsible for ensuring that his/her clothing is correct according to the SOFT competition rules ( If clothing does not meet the requirements of the competition rules, runners will not be admitted to the starting area or changeover area. Irregularities must be rectified before admission is granted.

Shoes with spikes may not be used. Shoes with metal studs are allowed. In general, SOFT rules on clothing apply.


Relay Start Time
Youth Relay 11.30
Women’s Relay 14.30
10MILA Relay 22.15

Check-in to the start takes place next to the changeover areas begins about 30 mins before the start. Check-in must be completed no less than 15 minutes before the start.

Runners are responsible for ensuring their SI cards are cleared before check-in.

At check-in SI cards are linked to each runner, leg and team number using a barcode on the race number. All runners must therefore wear a race number. After check-in, runners follow the marked route to the starting point. Runners whose SI cards have not been linked to a team number will be excluded from the competition.

Runners may not leave the starting area after being admitted to the starting area. Runners must be in position by the marked number corresponding to their team’s start number five (5) minutes before the start.


Runners are responsible for ensuring their SI cards are cleared before check-in.

At check-in SI cards are linked to each runner, leg and team number using a barcode on the race number. All runners must therefore wear a race number. After admission, runners follow the marked path to the changeover area. Runners whose SI cards have not been linked to a team number will be excluded from the competition.

Runners are encouraged to check in well in advance, especially youth runners on legs 2 and 3 where a lot of runners will be arriving in a short space of time.

Runners may not leave the changeover area after being admitted to the changeover area.


Terrain type: Woodland, mainly coniferous trees of varying ages, with generally good visibility. The area is intersected by a few minor roads. Numerous paths near the arena, consisting partly of motorcycle and other vehicle tracks.

Height variation: Varied terrain, from relatively level to moderately hilly. Some detailed high sections.

Runnability: Good to excellent runnability. Areas where logging has been done have normally good runnability.

A few motorcycle tracks have appeared after the map was printed.


Map scale for all classes: 1:10 000.
Equidistance 2.5m.
Offset printed by: Affärstryckeriet Västerås.
Drawn 2012 by Ia Lillstrand and Kenneth Kaisajuntti.
Symbols in accordance with IOF standards.
Control descriptions are printed on the map. Code numbers are also printed on the map by the respective control number.
Local map symbol: x =Low hunting tower

Adjustment of maps:
For Women’s and 10MILA relays there will be an adjustment of the maps posted in the start lanes and changeover lanes.


10MILA 2013 takes place on the military training grounds of the Swedish Life Guards regiment. The Swedish Armed Forces always do their utmost to ensure that no hazardous ammunition is left. However, the training grounds are extensive and hazardous items are occasionally left behind. It is therefore important that runners take extra caution and never touch any unidentified object.
If you find anything that could be ammunition or anything else you are unsure of – DO NOT TOUCH IT! Contact the competition office as soon as you finish the race.

It is completely forbidden to fire flares or let off fireworks at or near the arena. The arena is located directly under flight paths to Arlanda Airport and can be seen from the air traffic control tower.

Exceptions from military signs
The signs warning for military activities in the area can be ignored. There is no military activity in the competition area during the 10MILA event in or nearby the competition area.

Fire Hazard – No Fires Allowed 
For safety reasons fires are not allowed within the Arena and the camping/tent areas. Fire extinguishers are placed on several locations.



Control points are marked by orange/white flags and a reflective baton for night controls.

Each control point has at least two SI units. The unit’s code number is marked in black on a white background. The height of the units is approximately 60 cm.

Some control points are manned by officials and/or visited by media during the competition. Fixed and mobile TV teams will be operating in the competition area.


The SportIdent punching system is used.

An SI card may only be used once in the relays.

However, an SI card used in a relay may be also be used once on an entry-on-the-day course and in 10MILA-korten.

The complete set of rented SI cards must be returned for each team at the competition office when cards are collected. Participants who do not return their SI card will be charged SEK 580.

SI cards of types 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are allowed.


When punching the SI card, it is the responsibility of each runner to ensure that the control unit confirms a correct punch with light and sound signals.

Technical information of how registration works:

When the card is placed in the slot of the electronic punching unit (the base unit), the unit first reads the card number and saves the number to its memory. The control code and the time are then transferred to the card’s memory and the base unit’s memory.

In the next step the unit reads the SI card’s memory and compares it to its own log. This is done several times and if the information that is transferred back and forth is identical each time, the confirmation signal is given in the form of a light signal and a sound signal. If the SI card is removed before the confirmation signals have been given, there is a risk that the control code and time will not have been properly recorded in the card’s memory, resulting in a failure to register the control.


Roped-off areas may not be entered. Such areas should be regarded as competition terrain and breaching this rule will lead to the disqualification of the team. This applies to runners, team leaders and spectators.


Youth Relay

Start: 11.30
Finish: Approx. 13.27

At least two legs must be runned by girls only.

Leg Forking Type Length (m) * Running Time Changeover Map Size
1 Yes Day 4900 29 11.59 A4
2** No Day 3100 23 12.22 A4
3** Yes Day 4000 30 12.52 A4
4 Yes Day 5900 35 13.27 A4

*) 690 m string entrance/exit path is included in the course length
**) Teams are allowed to run with dual runners on legs 2 and 3. Both runners on leg 3 have the same fork.The first runner to reach the finish counts in the team’s result.

Women’s Relay

Start: 14.30
Finish: Approx. 18.33

Leg Forking Type Length (m) *) Running Time
Changeover Map Size
1 Yes Day 7900 48 15.18 A3
2 Yes Day 7900 49 16.07 A3
3 No Day 5900 36 16.43 A3
4 Yes Day 7900 48 17.31 A3
5** Yes Day 10300 62 18.33 A3

*) 690-900 m string entrance/exit path is included in the course length
**) All runners, re-start or not, have the same course length

10MILA Relay

Start: 22.15
Finish: Approx 08.34

Leg Forking Type Length (m) *) Running Time
Changeover Map Size
1 Yes Night 13600 69 23.24 A2
2 Yes Night 8100 41 00.05 A3
3 Yes Night 13600 69 01.14 A2
4 No Night 17900 94 02.48 A2
5 Yes Night/Dawn 10700 56 03.44 A3
6 Yes Dawn/Day 10700 56 04.40 A3
7 No Day 7000 37 05.16 A3
8 Yes Day 13500 68 06.24 A2
9 Yes Day 9600 49 07.13 A3
10** Yes Day 15500 81 08.34 A2

*) 690-900 m string entrance/exit path is included in the course length
**) All runners, restart or not, have the same course length


Fences may be climbed and passed.


Saturday: Sunset at 20.50
Sunday: Sunrise at 04.36


Runners and team leaders may follow the progress of teams in the forest at split time terminals in the changeover area. To view the time and position when a team has passed, enter the team’s start number or place one of the teams’ SI cards in the SI unit.


It is compulsory for those runners in the youth, women’s and 10MILA Relay who are selected to wear GPS transmitters. If a team refuses to wear a transmitter as required by the arranger, the team will be immediately excluded from the competition. The GPS unit must be obtained by the changeover area no later than 20 minutes before the start or estimated changeover time and must be worn in the required manner in the vest provided by the organisers. Staff will help runners put the equipment on.

The GPS unit must be returned immediately after the leg is completed.

Units must be returned to officials at the exit from the changeover area.

GPS tracking is used on the final leg of the Youth relay and all legs of the Women’s and 10MILA Relays.

In the Youth relay a GPS transmitter shall be worn on the 4th leg by up to 15 teams. Selected teams will be informed by the announcer during the competition.

In the Women’s and 10MILA relay a GPS transmitter must be worn by the teams listed below. GPS transmitters must be worn on all legs. Additional teams may be selected for each leg to wear a GPS transmitter during that leg. Teams in addition to those listed below will be informed by the announcer and via the notice board at the entrance to the changeover area.

10MILA Relay

Startnummer Team Country
1 Halden Nor
2 Kristiansands OK Nor
3 Kalevan Rasti Fin
4 OK Linné Swe
5 OK Denseln Swe
6 IFK Lidingö Swe
7 GMOK Swe
8 IFK G-borg Swe
9 SNO Swe
10 Järla IF Swe
11 Hiidenkiertäjät (fd Delta) Fin
12 OK Pan Kri-stad Swe
13 IKHP Swe
14 Vaajakosken Terä Fin
15 NTNUI Nor
16 Malungs OK Swe
17 MS Parma Fin
18 St Tuna OK Swe
19 Lynx Fin
20 OK Tisaren Swe
21 Raimion Rasti Fin
22 TuMe Fin
23 Tamperen P Fin
24 Tyrving Nor
25 IFK Mora Swe
Rehns BK Swe
Rajamäen Rykmentti Fin
OK Orion Swe
Frol Nor
OK Hällen

Women’s Relay

Startnummer Team Country
1 Halden 1 Nor
2 OK Tisaren Swe
3 Tamperen P Fin
4 OK Linné Swe
5 Domnarvet Swe
6 IFK Lidingö 1 Swe
7 Sävedalen Swe
8 GMOK Swe
9 Paimion Rasti Fin
10 Hellas Swe
11 Bäkkelaget Nor
12 OK Pan Århus Dan
13 IFK Mora Swe
14 SNO Swe
15 OK Linné 2 Swe
16 NTNUI Nor
17 Lillomarka Nor
18 IFK Lidingö 2 Swe
19 Kalevan Rasti Fin
20 Halden 2 Nor
21 Linköping Swe
22 Lynx Fin
23 Kolmården Swe
24 St Tuna Swe
25 Tullinge Swe
Leksands OK Swe
MS Parma Fin
Eksjö Swe


Drinks in the form of water and sports drink are available on the longer courses and at the finish. Drink’s stations are marked on the competition map.


Incoming runners must run into the changeover lane marked with the leg number. Runners must punch their cards at the finish line. Failure to record punching will result in disqualification.

The following lanes are used for the different legs for the respective relay:

Youth relay

Women’s relay

10MILA relay

The map must be handed to an official and the map for the next leg is taken from the barrier where the changeover to the next runner takes place. Runners are responsible for ensuring that the correct map is taken at the changeover. Missing maps can be obtained from the tent at the end of the changeover barrier. In the Youth relay, maps for both the second and third leg on the map barrier are packed in a single plastic envelope.

After changeover, incoming runners must go for read-off of their SI cards (check-out).


Changeover if the team has two runners on both leg 2 and leg 3:

1. The runner on leg 1 comes to the changeover. There are two maps in a common bag for the team, which are handed to runner 2A and 2B, which then both have started.

2. The first runner returning from leg 2 comes to the changeover. Both maps in the bag are handed over, to runner 3A and 3B, which then both have started.

3. The first runner returning from leg 3 comes to the changeover. The map is handed over to runner 4.

The runner in the team who is first to the changeover on leg 2 and 3 will give the team its official result on that leg. An incorrect control punching for the first runner will thus lead to disqualification of the team, even though the second runner has punched correctly.


Incoming runners run into the changeover lane to the left that is marked ”MÅL/FINISH”. Runners of the final leg are not permitted to change lane. If a runner chooses the wrong lane, the runner must return to the entrance of the lanes and select the correct lane.

Where necessary, finishing positions shall be determined by the judge at the finish line. Runners then carry out punching at the finish station, a few meters beyond the finish line.

After around 20 teams have finished, teams shall carry out punching in the finish station by the finish line. Maps are submitted to officials. Runners then go for read-off of their SI cards (check-out).


Reports mainly of hooved animals (elk, deer, etc.) should be made to the animal sightings station at the competition desk.


Teams that are registered as “disallowed” will be informed of this at check-out and will be directed to the Red Exit for review. Disallowed teams will be listed on the results board as soon as possible after changeover. The team may, however, continue the race outside of the competition. The team will be detained by officials at the map board until at least 30 minutes has passed after the leading team. This is to ensure that the team cannot influence the outcome of the competition.

Team leaders wishing to appeal against disallowance must address the competition desk no more than 60 minutes after completing the end of the leg in question.


Relay Restart Time Comment
Youth Relay Saturday kl 14.45
Women’s Relay Saturday kl 19.00 A map light is recommended
10MILA Relay Sunday kl 11.15
  • The changeover lane closes 20 minutes before the above stated times.
  • Runners in the restart must run the leg registered for the runner. Teams participating in a restart are placed after teams that completed the competition without restarting.
  • Teams that have retired or were previously disqualified may participate in the restart.


The maximum time is 3 hours after restart each relay.


Runners who withdraw or who for some other reason do not pass the finish line and the card read-off area must go to the check-out for read-off of their SI cards. Otherwise a runner will be registered as “still in the forest” and a search will be started unnecessarily.


The competition is governed by Swedish Orienteering Federation competition rules and regulations. The most important of these rules are as follows:

• It is the responsibility of competitors to be familiar with the competition rules. Lack of familiarity with the rules does not provide exemption from potential consequences.

• Competitors are obliged to respect the out-of-bounds areas marked on the map and/or printed together with the course.

• Competitors are obliged to follow all of the taped section.

• Competitors are obliged to help to the best of their ability any other competitor who becomes injured.


Toilets for the public and runners are available at the arena. Outgoing runners may find toilets by the road North of the arena. A path is cleared from the warm-up area.

Runners on the first leg find toilets on the way to te starting area.


Hot showers are available 300 metres from the finish.

NB! You will pass the outgoing runners’ area on the way to the showers, please show consideration for this. You can use the sauna for a fee of SEK 20. Tickets can be purchased at the kiosk on the way to the sauna.

Only environmentally labelled products may be used in the showers. Shower gel is provided by the organisers.


First aid service is available at the arena from 11 AM on 4 May until the end of the competition. This is primarily for competitors, but in an emergency first aid is also available for members of the public with minor injuries.

During the Women’s Relay and the 10MILA Relay there will be a first aid point in the competition area, which is marked on the competition map.

Participants in the Youth relay should refer to the first aid in the arena.

Control checking officials are equipped with bandages and a mobile phone.


Outer clothing should be taken care of by the respective team. Lost items may be sought at the competition office during the competition. You can find the name of the person to contact regarding lost items on the website. Items handed in can be claimed up until 15 June 2013.


The 10MILA website has a link to a web TV site where you can apply to watch the online broadcast.

The online broadcast is the same as that shown on the big screen at the arena.

It costs SEK 100 to watch the web broadcast. You just need to register and pay once to see the broadcast over the whole competition weekend.


The 10MILA website has a link to a web radio site where you can listen to the announcer commentary online. This service is free.

The link is presented and opende May 3.


The sound from the announcer is transmitted on the FM frequency  91,8 MHz.

There is also a transmission of  a Finish announcer on 107,9 MHz

This is broadcasted locally around the arena.


Mobile phone coverage around the arena is limited and needs to be prioritised for GPS tracking. Spectators are therefore encouraged, where at all possible, to limit the use of mobile phones and mobile internet.

The arena has a large WiFi network which participants are encouraged to use to access the internet. Use of this network requires an access code, which can be purchased at kiosks and at the race desk. The cost is SEK 30 per unit.


The first 10 teams in each relay will receive a prize. The prize-giving ceremony will take place on the stage at the following times:

Relay Price-giving ceremony
Youth Relay Satuday 14.00
Women’s Relay Saturday 19.15
10MILA Relay Sunday 09.00


Competition maps will be issued for all competition classes after the restart of the 10MILA Relay and until 13.00. Maps are only issued upon submission of a map ticket (provided in the team envelope) and after the return of rented SI cards.

Teams that have left the competition before maps are issued can receive their maps by mail for a fee of SEK 100. Please provide the relevant address and the fee to the competition office.


10MILA believes in looking after the environment and therefore asks participants to observe the sorting of waste. Food remains (compostable) should be separated from combustible waste. Special containers are also provided for

  • metal,
  • coloured and clear glass
  • cardboard
  • soft plastic

Please help us in this.
We hope all waste can be disposed of in the containers provided at the arena.


Competition control: Fred Strömsten

Course control: Jan Olsson, Lars Roos


Funktion Namn Klubb
Secretary General Lars Gerhardsson Attunda Orienteering Club
Competition Manager Håkan Redtzer Attunda Orienteering Club
Forest Niklas Henriksson Attunda Orienteering Club
Competition Manager EOD Courses Håkan Sjunnestrand Solna Orienteering Club
Competition Manager Haglöfs Night Trail Run Jonathan Alm Team Polar
Competition Manager 10MILA-korten Gunnar Eriksson Järfälla Orienteering Club
Marketing Johan Redtzer Attunda Orienteering Club
Information Stefan Knorn Attunda Orienteering Club
Press Kristiina Ruuti Attunda Orienteering Club
Financial Administration Per Knutas Attunda Orienteering Club
Secutity Göran Forsell


Göran Bergander, 10MILA 2014(Eksjö SOK)

Youth Relay:
Carina Bergander, Småland (Eksjö SOK)
Sture Larsson, Uppland (Länna IF)
Leif Åkerblom, Dalarna(Stora Tuna OK)

Women’s Relay
Lotta J Sundblad, Småland (Eksjö SOK)
Katarina Bengtsson, Uppland (L-100)
Leif Gustafsson, Dalarna (Säterbygdens OK)

10MILA Relay
Sven-Åke Karlsson, Småland (IK Hakarpspojkarna)
Leif Åkerblom, Dalarna(Stora Tuna OK)
Peter Brunnberg, Uppland (Vallentuna/Össeby OK)


Competition Management:




Attunda OK, Bromma-Vällingby SOK, IFK Enskede, Järfälla OK, Solna OK, Sundbybergs IK, Team Polar

in cooperation with

Upplands-Bro kommun, Svenska kyrkan Kungsängen-Västra Ryd, Försvarsmakten Livgardet, Gällöfsta konferens, Haglöfs, La Sportiva, Petzl, OK/Q8 and Tom Titts.

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