Programme for 10MILA-korten, Sunday 5 May 2013

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10MILA-korten is a new, individual medium-distance competition that takes place in the same arena and the same area as 10MILA.

Those competing in the open classes have the opportunity to run certain legs from the Youth, Women’s and 10MILA relays.

Assembly area

The arena is at Gällöfsta Herrgård in Upplands-Bro municipality.

For directions, parking, information about services available at the arena, etc. please see the general information regarding the 10MILA arrangements.

Please note:
– Child-minding or a children’s string-course are not available.

– No parking fee.

Competition classes

Stated course lengths are preliminary.

Women’s classes Men’s classes
Class Course length Class Course length
D10 2.0 km H10 2.2 km
D12 2.6 km H12 2.6 km
D12K 2.0 km H12K 2.2 km
D14 3.1 km H14 3.1 km
D14K 2.6 km H14K 2.6 km
D16 3.5 km H16 3.5 km
D16K 3.1 km H16K 3.1 km
D18 3.6 km H18 3.7 km
D20 3.7 km H20 4.2 km
D21 4.2 km H21 5.2 km
D35 3.6 km H35 4.7 km
D40 3.7 km H40 4.3 km
D45 3.1 km H45 4.2 km
D50 3.2 km H50 3.6 km
D55 3.0 km H55 3.5 km
D60 2.6 km H60 3.5 km
D65 2.6 km H65 3.1 km
D70 2.6 km H70 3.0 km
D75 2.2 km H75 3.0 km
D80 2.2 km H80 2.6 km
D85 2.2 km H85 2.2 km

Development classes

Classes Course length
U3 2.6 km
U4 3.1 km



Open Fitness classes

Open Fitness classes Course length
ÖM1 Yellow 2.0 km
ÖM3 Orange 2.6 km
ÖM5 White 3.1 km
ÖM7 Yellow 3.2 km
ÖM8 Orange 4.7 km
ÖM10 = leg 1 in the Youth Relay 4.8 km
ÖM11 = leg 5 in the Women’s Relay 9.5 km
ÖM12 = leg 7 in the 10MILA Relay 7.0 km
ÖM13 = leg 4 in the 10MILA Relay 18.0 km
ÖM14 = ÖM10, with mass start* 4.8 km
ÖM15 = ÖM11, with mass start* 9.5 km
ÖM16 = ÖM12, with mass start* 7.0 km
ÖM17 = ÖM13, with mass start* 18.0 km

 * ÖM14 – ÖM17 are only open to those who have registered in advance

Registration on the day

You can register on the day for classes ÖM1 – ÖM13 at the arena between 9:00 and 13:00.


First start time 11.30.
Individual start for HD18 – HD21 according to the start list.
Mass start for classes ÖM14 – ÖM17. Start times according to the start list.
Free start time for other classes at 11:30 – 13:30 Max. time 3 hours. Note: ÖM13 start must be done before 12:00.
(The start time may be extended depending on the number of competitors).

Start position 1

All classes except for ÖM10 – ÖM17.
Distance 1,200 m. Orange/white colour-coding.
Toilets at the arena and on the way to the start.

There are no toilets at the start!

Start position 2

Classes ÖM10 – ÖM17 only.
Distance 200 m. Blue/orange colour-coding.


New map from 2012. Equidistance 2.5 m
Scale 1:7,500 for classes HD60 – HD85.
Scale 1:10,000 for all other classes.
Control definitions are printed on the map.
Separate control definitions are also available, although not for
10MILA classes ÖM10 – ÖM17.