How to register a team and clubs in Eventor


1) If you club is already registeed in Eventor (which most official orienteeringclubs are) there is no need to register the club again. But, in order to register your team you need to logon with one of your official clubadministrators. A random member does not have privileges to register teams.

2) If you want to register i new club (i.e. a team of friends) you need to follow the following procedure

2.1) Logon to Eventor.

2.2) Go to “My pages” –> “My settings” –> and then “Clubs”.

2.3) Choose country and name of the society/club that suits you.

2.4) Click “Add”.

2.5) Logoff Eventor

2.6) Logon Eventor

2.7) Pick your new Club

2.8) Register your teams to 10MILA


If you still have problems entering your team,  feel free to send your registration by email to,  and we will help out.