Web broadcasting, of course

We will of course provide web broadcasting from 10MILA this year. So that all of you out there get a chance to experience the special atmosphere and magic that 10MILA provides.

Our web Radio will be provided in two versions. One with Swedish (with some english comments now and then)  and one with a Finish speaker. The radio service is offered for free.  Links to the web radio will be published at our web site 10MILA.se on Saturday May 4th.

New features of the Web TV streaming this year

  • Two flavors of  the TV stream. Same content but with different resolution, enabling you having a bandwith restriction to follow the broadcast. 
  • Payments is done with credit cards, 100 SEK for a three relays
  • You can register and pay in advance. This will allow you to follow the build up of the Arena.

The webTV contains the same production that is shown at the arena.

Links to the webTV will be published on the 10MILA web site about a week before the competition.