What do you want to know about 10MILA 2013?

Meet the info-team for 10MILA 2013 in Stockholm.

(Andreas, Carin, Stefan and Kristiina)

Our mission is to inform you about anything you might want to know about 10MILA in Stockholm 2013. We plan a lot of new exciting and we intend to inform you about these beforehand.

When you arrive at our arena, you already know about our two new competitions, 10MILA Night Trail run and 10MILA “korten”. You are familiar to our arena design, where the service points are, where the best spectator spots are etc. You feel at home right away 🙂

We’re very interested in your ideás and thought around 10MILA 2013 in Stockholm. Send us an email at info2013@10mila.se.