Without 10MILA memories?

My spontaneous thought was that I hadn’t any memories or experiences to share, because I didn’t run 10MILA in 1947, 1981 or 2005. But there are many people having memories from the competitions as supportive parents or organizers, so I’m going to give it a try.

My memory from 10MILA 1981 was that I, as a not so successful runner for a club from southern Dalarna, trained all winter and all spring hoping to run in the 10MILA-team. Sadly I didn’t get to run in the team, but I wanted it so badly I took my car and I drove to Kungsängen. I was hoping my club would notice my interest and let me run in the team. After walking around in snow and mud for an hour without even finding my club I gave up and went to my sister in Stockholm. The fact that I couldn’t find my own club might explain why they didn’t let me run in the team. Partly because of this, I abandoned orienteering a few months later to focus on my studies at Linköpings Tekniska Högskola.

About 20 years later my daughter started running orienteering and after some months the entire family was activated again. When it was time for Rotebro IS to arrange 10MILA 2005 I got to work with IT and administration. I worked with different things here and there, but my main task was to program the SI-units and ensure all the radio controls worked. During the days at Kungsängen’s firing range I met lots of competent people and I learnt a lot: how to register SportIdents, how to arrange serial cables to the radio controls and goal controls etc. The coolest memory is from the men’s first radio control when lots of runners punched the control and then started climbing a cliff I thought wasn’t possible to climb. I also remember the excitement at the women’s last leg, where one of the radio controls was hidden in a green and really hard to find. It really ruined the relay for some of the top teams.

After 10MILA 2005 I have worked with IT and administration in 2006, 2007 and 2010. My expectation and conviction is that we will use all our experiences from earlier arrangements and take the competition one step further.

Well, my premiere running 10MILA was first in 2007 at the age of 45 years. The latest years Attunda OK has had a “senior team” for those who can’t really run in the top team. My hope is that more teams can take the challenge and run with more teams like ours – of course women also should!

Name: Erik Daniels

Club: Attunda Orientering

Do you want to share your experience of 10MILA in Kungsängen 1947, 1981 or 2005? Send a mail to tiomilaupplevelsen@gmail.com for more information.